Case of the Day – Dr. M. Bisharat

Coronary bypass grafts are an excellent choice to manage Coronary Artery Disease, however, they are not time-proof. Graft decay and occlusion is a common problem that worsens with time and suboptimal management of risk factors. Treating such a severe disease doesn’t require repeating the open-heart surgery. With modern treatment options, the occluded grafts can be treated to normal with a safe and quick catheter-based approach.

We share with you a case of a patient who had a stress test, followed by a catheter procedure based on the abnormality of the test, which showed a critical occlusion of the graft to the right side of the heart.

Our team at #AHV was able to identify the problem and provide a timely same-day intervention to save the graft, all in one day.

Thanks to the AHV team, the Memorial Hospital Cath Lab team, and Dr. Bisharat for your hard work and dedication for optimal patient care. #Heartdisease doesn’t wait and we won’t either!

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