Case of the Day – Dr. M. Bisharat

Treating Peripheral Arterial Disease is challenging and requires a unique set of skills for optimal outcomes especially if the disease process involves any or all three vessels that reins from the knee to the foot, also known as Infra-Popliteal Artery Intervention or Below-knee Angioplasty. A successful limb angioplasty is never complete without addressing the below-knee arteries. At the #AHV outpatient lab, we perform these complex procedures on a daily basis with an outstanding success rate. This case demonstrates a successful angioplasty for the three below-knee vessels of the right leg restoring flow to the right lower limb.

Our AHV team led by Dr. M. Bisharat managed to perform this complex case safely and successfully in less than an hour and the patient was able to walk home happily after two hours of recovery.

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