Case of the Day – Dr. M. Bisharat

Treating totally and chronically occluded leg vessels has been a big challenge for decades. Luckily, with newer and safer technologies, totally occluded vessels are not a challenge to us at AHV using multiple techniques where outpatient intervention with different points of access allows safe and patient opening and reconstruction of these vessels.

In this example, a 65-year-old gentleman with disease smoker, presented with absent circulation in the left lower extremity, the angiographic assessment showed occluded femoral artery, which is a condition causing severe symptoms and predisposes the patient for risk of amputation. This was a 45-minute outpatient procedure that ended up with gradient and excellent results and InStent resolution of severe leg symptoms. The picture below shows the occluded blood vessel before and the results of the open vessel after.

We spare no disease at #AHV.

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