Patient Testimonial: Cath Lab Procedure

Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center PhotoDear Dr. Ashchi,

I am writing to express my deep appreciation to you for the fabulous care that I received during my “Cath Lab” procedure on Friday, November 3, 2017.

The Prep Area:

I was met at the door by staff member Julia, who promptly escorted me to the “prep” room, where I also met staff member Jarrahlee. The prep room was spacious and well equipped, and it had a very comfortable easy chair waiting for me. Both Julia and Jarrahlee stepped outside while I changed into a gown and sipped on a comfortable pair of socks.

When they both returned, I barraged them with many questions, and they were extremely informative and reassuring about what I should expect in the “Cath Lab”. Several minutes later, Julia deftly and painlessly inserted my IV and shaved my left wrist (where the catheter was to be inserted). Minutes later, Jarrahlee stated that the “Cath Lab” was set up and waiting for me, and she escorted me down the hall.

The “Cath Lab”

When I entered the “Cath Lab”, I was awed by a huge, brightly lit room, at least 30 feet wide and at least 40 feet long, with a glass-enclosed area at one end. There was a long table, waiting for me at the center, and over the table, I saw a large TV screen with various other equipment and lighting overhead. I was assisted up on the table, and staff member Scott quickly placed several warm blankets over me. (Later, during the procedure, it was Scott, who gave me some Fentanyl and Versed through my IV).

I was told that my right wrist was being fastened, so that my arm wouldn’t move during the procedure. During my procedure, I appreciated that fact that your staff members always explained to me what they were doing and why. Then, I thought I felt some gentle pricks in my right wrist, which was the injection of local anesthesia.

“Show Time”

Everything seemed to happen quickly and like clockwork. I recall you, Dr. Ashchi arriving at my side, and within a minute or two, I heard you say that the catheter was in my heart. I believe that I saw several images of my heart arteries on the large TV screen. It seemed to me that the procedure was over in five minutes or less.


Before I knew it, I was being walked back to the prep room, and after I had changed back into my clothes, I was advised to remain in my easy chair for about 90 minutes. Your staff member Allison came by and checked to make sure that the puncture in my left wrist was “sealed”. Shortly thereafter, I met your RN staff member Debbie, who reviewed discharge instructions with me, removed my IV, and bandaged my right wrist. Then, Scott “made my day” by serving me a delicious turkey sandwich, a cup of hot coffee, and two chocolate chip cookies from Panera. What a fantastic way to end a very beautiful and painless medical procedure! Finally, Debbie escorted me back to the waiting area.


You have assembled a staff of super-stars (Julia, Jarrahlee, Scott, Allison, Debbie, etc.) who perform like a choreographed team, completely focused on providing patients (like me) with superb professional and personal care. All aspects of my experience were completely painless and comfortable.

I thank you for your empathy and clinical excellence, and I thank you for your super-star staff for their consummate care. You have created a magnificent, patient-centered, state-of-the-art “Cath Lab” facility.

In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than this!


John T. Fyfe


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