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What is the Women’s Heart Clinic?

Women in the United States are more at risk from heart disease than any other illness. This fact has long gone under-recognized. Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center assists women through our Women’s Heart Clinic. We pay attention to women’s specific needs while evaluating and treating heart disease in Florida and Georgia.

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Women’s Heart Clinic Services

Risk Assessment.

Women do not always have the ‘typical’ symptoms of heart disease that we all have come to learn and recognize –
chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness/tingling, and diaphoresis. In women, it is more common to present with what is known as ‘atypical’ symptoms – milder symptoms of discomfort in chest, abdomen, and/or back, feelings of indigestion, and sometimes, just presenting as generalized weakness, fatigue, feeling “off” as if having developed some type of systemic illness. At Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center, we will provide a risk assessment with the unique concerns of women’s health in mind.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Most heart diseases (about 80% of all heart diseases) are preventable. At Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center, we identify and diagnose not only the disease but also the risk factors early in order to start treatment and to prevent further development. It is important that we start to recognize the fact that women are just as at risk for heart disease as men. Our Healthcare professionals will provide a comprehensive evaluation with this in mind.

Treatment Plan

Our cardiologists will review your medical history and risk assessment report, conduct an initial cardiac exam, and order diagnostic tests. They consult with other specialists to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for you catering to your specific needs and concerns. At Ashchi Heart & Vascular, our team of doctors and other health care providers will be closely involved in your care.


Our Doctors are active in researching optimal women’s heart disease prevention, noninvasive testing, and treatments for many common heart conditions occurring in women. We are dedicated to helping diagnose symptoms and treat heart disease in women as early as possible.

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