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Case of the Day – Dr. Ashchi

Dr. Ashchi successfully navigates a case involving Peripheral Arterial Disease.

This wonderful patient came to visit Dr. Majdi Ashchi at Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center from a hospital for a second opinion in regards to gangrene and poor circulation in her leg. After completing the procedure on her leg, her spirits were high. However, after some time her leg was feeling cold and showing gangrenous symptoms. She was horrified as her previous specialists suddenly began offering amputation as her last resort.

The condition she was experiencing is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). Dr. Ashchi and his team took her in on a Saturday morning at the Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center’s Outpatient Cath Lab and were able to open up the arteries and restore blood flow to the leg rather than performing the suggested below-the-knee amputation. Two years later the patient is still walking. That’s a win for all of us!

Too many amputations happen and we believe in considering two or three opinions prior to amputation. These amputations are occurring without proper care at a rate of almost 40-50%.

Not all specialists can perform below-the-knee vascular work and limb salvage. Do your research first! It is easy to look at the Medicare website and see which hospital or doctors have the lowest amputation rates in your region.

If you are worrying about amputation and need a second opinion request an appointment with us.

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