Compression Stockings for Venous Insufficiency

Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center PhotoFor patients, one of the most daunting aspects of varicose vein and venous insufficiency treatment is compression stocking or hose wear. Compression stockings gently compress the legs, which may improve blood flow in the veins by preventing backward flow through the veins of the legs.

It is important to note that while compression stockings can help to reduce the symptoms of vein disease (swelling, aching, tired feeling in legs), they do not fix the underlying vein disease (venous insufficiency). Click here to read more about venous insufficiency.

Effective compression stockings apply the greatest amount of pressure at the ankle and gradually decrease the pressure up the leg. These stockings are available with varying degrees of compression.

  • Stockings with small amounts of compression can be purchased at pharmacies and surgical supply stores without a prescription.
  • People with moderate to severe disease, those on their feet a lot, and those with ulcers usually require prescription stockings. A healthcare provider may take measurements for stockings, or may write a prescription for stockings and then have a surgical supply or specialty store take the necessary measurements.

You must be measured for compression stockings. Not only are your legs different sizes around, but they are all different lengths and all stockings must be fit appropriately. You also must be measured for stockings early in the morning before your legs start to swell as this will be the size you want to maintain.

As a convenience to our patients, Ashchi Heart & Vascular Center sells Medi brand stockings at our offices – at prices below those at local medical supply companies. Our staff will not only measure you, but will work to meet the specific criteria your particular insurance company requires. Please discuss your needs with your provider so that we can find the most suitable solution for you.

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